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Computing 2-isogenies between Kummer lines


Damien Robert, Nicolas Sarkis
Damien Robert ORCID
Univ. Bordeaux, CNRS, INRIA, Bordeaux INP, Talence, France
damien dot robert at inria dot fr
Nicolas Sarkis ORCID
Univ. Bordeaux, CNRS, INRIA, Bordeaux INP, Talence, France
nicolas dot sarkis at math dot u-bordeaux dot fr


We use theta groups to study $2$-isogenies between Kummer lines, with a particular focus on the Montgomery model. This allows us to recover known formulas, along with more efficient forms for translated isogenies, which require only $2S+2m_0$ for evaluation. We leverage these translated isogenies to build a hybrid ladder for scalar multiplication on Montgomery curves with rational $2$-torsion, which cost $3M+6S+2m_0$ per bit, compared to $5M+4S+1m_0$ for the standard Montgomery ladder.


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Submitted: 2024-01-09
Accepted: 2024-03-05
Published: 2024-04-09
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Damien Robert and Nicolas Sarkis, "Computing 2-isogenies between Kummer lines," IACR Communications in Cryptology, vol. 1, no. 1, Apr 09, 2024, doi: 10.62056/abvua69p1.


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